About US
Ammon International Co., Ltd., in operation since 1990, is dedicated to providing high-quality seafood and grocery products. With over 30 years of experience, we offer satisfactory export solutions to our customers through superior product quality and excellent services.

Our seafood range encompasses Taiwan's aquaculture, near/offshore fish, soft-shell shrimp and shellfish, as well as a diverse selection of fish species, including tilapia, mackerel, various types of bass, swordfish, and grouper. The grocery department offers a variety of products, from salty to sweet, from semi-finished to finished goods. This includes staple noodles, buns, cold appetizers, hot pot ingredients, snacks, and beverages, meeting the procurement needs of major supermarkets and restaurants.

Our core values revolve around customer-centricity, continuous pursuit of excellence and innovation, while upholding integrity, quality, and efficiency. Through sound management and a solid product foundation, we have built a good reputation and a wide customer base.

We understand the importance of the food industry; therefore, we are committed to continuously improve our product quality to meet customer demands while maintaining our responsibility towards the environment and society.